Alternative Lending Summit

at Alternative Asset Summit – Oct. 22-24 at Encore Resorts


Alternative Lending Summit is a hyper network, 1-on-1 meeting and content driven conference bringing together the most prolific professionals from the dynamically evolving alternative lending space at Encore Resorts in Las Vegas. It will be a 1-day Break Out Session vertical at the Alternative Asset Summit. Content driven programming also includes top manager’s though leading investment perspectives as well as take away heavy programming from institutional investors, pensions, board directors, CEOs, proxy solicitors, corporate and securities lawyers.

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Why Attend


      Here at Alternative Lending Summit, gain hard to access knowledge on how to set up a fund involved in alternative lending or how to invest in alternative lending or private credit. Learn what to look for in a portfolio manager and how to maximize marketing exposure in the alternative lending space.



      At Alternative Lending Summit networking is done formally during One-on-One meetings and informally at lunch and cocktail reception. It provides an environment that is friendly to both formal networking and informal networking.


    • 1-ON-1 MEETINGS

      One-on-One meetings facilitate connections among Advisors, Investors and Family Offices and leading Fund Managers. One-on-One meetings are the fastest, most efficient way to connect with industry professionals at a conference.



      At Alternative Lending Summit you can source new and potentially profitable deals, investments, business opportunities and Fund Managers. The conference is the perfect environment for building and nurturing relationships with new industry contacts.



      Managers showcase their strategy to a wide array of Advisors & Investors. Advisors gain exposure to broad selection of portfolio managers. Sponsors are able to showcase their brand and services to potential customers.


    • ACCESS

      Alternative Lending Summit will grant you access to the private equity industry, providing a deep dive into alternative lending or private credit content and top tier portfolio managers. Access to industry luminaries is unmatched by any other alternative lending conference.